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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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  • EmmyThyPro

    Matpat's voice is so calming I could listen to it all day. Not that I'm doing that or anything... I'm not addicted I swear

  • RockmanSolid

    Sure, I'll walk into my public execution. Missed opportunity to not have the bird pieces(nuggets, if you will) form into the Among Us character to really bring this whole thing home.

  • RetrixTRSB

    horse dancing is incredibly famous in Egypt and the Arab world check it out mat!

  • kellie branca
    kellie branca

    U should do a theory on the game "house"

  • BulletBill110

    How tf is sonic stronger just cuz he’s faster? Olympic sprinters can’t deadlift more than Olympic weightlifters just because they can more their legs faster

  • Jan Bäuerle
    Jan Bäuerle

    Way can Shadow swim


    I hate it when people say video games cause violence... i understand the blood and guts in games but i hate when im grouped up with them... i just wanna play pokemon man

  • Butch Deloria
    Butch Deloria

    Family guy lore theory when? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Reaper of the Shadow realm
    Reaper of the Shadow realm

    I love raycon

  • LIT.LE.bird_Youtubin

    16:36 no..... no no no no noooooo no no no

  • soilhalo 27
    soilhalo 27

    Your political theory is wrong. Tulsi is a Dino kinda how Romney is a rino. Scott supports Republicans nothing wrong with that half the country is the same. But to go after people for there political views is crazy. We gave two parties and majority of Americans want us to have one hows that any better then the CCP

  • RAMjam Tangents
    RAMjam Tangents

    I like Yoshi.

  • Boojum_Tree

    It can be interpreted that the monster is inspired by the mascot of the band “lemon demon” which orginated on, you guessed it, Newgrounds.

  • gamer and art dragon
    gamer and art dragon

    I thought Roxanne was foxy replacement

  • Sonny Edwards
    Sonny Edwards

    Hi I have no idea how to contact you but the flashing lights at the end of the video caused my son to have an epelapsy attack and I am ordering to take legal action please contact me if you can

  • Lukas Cozad
    Lukas Cozad

    Can we all just agree that Matpat's view on American Politics was spot on? I've actually been thinking this for quite a while ever since I learned more about the subject. As a wise Jedi Knight once said, "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."

  • Grayson Chen
    Grayson Chen

    wait dosent ash walk everywhere he dosent have to pay for transportation

  • Rodolfo Fritz
    Rodolfo Fritz


  • River Blowers
    River Blowers

  • Thomas  Bishop
    Thomas Bishop

    The hero wings

  • Frost

    7:00 the reason the wind cases a problem is because it cause the water to become choppy, form waves and white cap, this results in boats bouncing and capsizing, i living near a lake and go out on a boat a lot so i can see how the wind made it difficult

  • lindsay marriane
    lindsay marriane

    I use iPad so I can’t hear when u put music disc then I can’t hear it

  • ThePinkQueen

    Dude we love you Mat 🙂

  • •imyoureverydaystranger•

    Who found this guy on there recommend and now can't stop watching him everyday now

  • BlueBirdAzurite

    WoW i started playing Angry Birds again three days ago

  • Satine Kryze
    Satine Kryze

    I liked the other one

  • Gabriel Callow
    Gabriel Callow

    Oh so that's it, so I present to you: zgwíjhæé

  • An Asian Kid
    An Asian Kid

    every second i feel like he is loosing a part of him and wants to die

  • personwhodumb

    IK you guys put in so much effort into editing and it's really awesome, but there is a typo at around 13:11 that triggers my OCD... an easy mistake that can be easily missed

  • Damion Plays
    Damion Plays

    Just because people support someone who has different visions than you doesn't and shouldn't affect your relationship politics are just poison it tears people apart it matters on how the person views you rather than their political parties view on you

  • Mason Kohl
    Mason Kohl

    Theory time. Girlfriend watches new grounds and fell in love with the characters and used her demon powers to put them into existence and boyfriend fell in love with her. Her parents were mad at her for doing this and challenged boyfriend to a music competition and lost. They then summoned Pico to kill boyfriend. Then they tried to beat him again and failed. They started respecting boyfriend’s singing but still tried to kill him.

  • ꧁Totally normalʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂
    ꧁Totally normalʕ•ᴥ•ʔ꧂

    The stuff in there heads are souls so mugman is drinking his sole and the devil just wanted a sip. 😩✋

  • Royal Legend
    Royal Legend

    That Giovanni is Ash father give so much sense, Jessie and James are there to take care of him, the are Team rockets Strongest team, if you have see them in in Unova you see how powerful Jessie and James are, if I remember right the stole top secret files found top security facilities and deferend itims and I think broke in a took over a jail and really steal a pokemon Giovani wanted frome ash and his friends. And it right that Giovanni meet ask in Unova, but he dont let him speak his name Giovanni just defeat him in like 3 seconds, and Ask mom say that he's dad is a great trainer Giovanni is EXSTRAMELY strong, and are a gym leder to (to also be the boss of Team Rocket) Giovanni take also a report for what the have done, and maybe in the report Jessie and James tell him about Ash's progress as a pokemon trainer. Nodes, this is just what I think I want to hear more opinions write down some Therorys and what you thinking in the comments down please :D

  • Lily Hanson
    Lily Hanson

    9:53 You missed the opportunity to insert that clip of you from FNAF the musical… Random Encounters, hello!

  • Prabhu Rao
    Prabhu Rao

    To deep.

  • shounen x shounen
    shounen x shounen

    Yo matt could you do video about this game called "Rusty lake"

  • Big Chungusus
    Big Chungusus

    Dear MatPat, Since we know that the coins from Mario games are made of gold, then what are red and blue coins made of? What is the metal/mineral that is similar to that in real life, if there is one? Sincerely, Big Chungusus.

  • Lisa Martin-Stacy
    Lisa Martin-Stacy

    OI GAMER CAT IF YOU HERE stop He did like 35 fnaf episodes So just.. Stop

  • Wolfe

    This isn’t related to this video in particular, but I can’t un-hear this. Listen to the trailer music for FNAF Security Breach, but only the first five seconds. What is this?

  • Leo Millette
    Leo Millette


  • DoubleCheckTheSpelling

    Bad Austin - you pulled a sneaky. You assumed that the pig's size was standard and that Redbird could therefore be sized compared to the pig's static size. That be an assumption. Why is the pig not just abnormally small, shrinking it to approximately the size of a Redbird (which is almost certainly a cardinal)?

  • Agent Boudi
    Agent Boudi

    My respect for MatPat after this video 📈📈📈

  • Andrea Trammell
    Andrea Trammell


  • Harrison LeVitre
    Harrison LeVitre

    In henry stickmen when we get the ending where henry sends himself a package to escape theres a wanted poster that has tankman on it for 100$

  • Aiden The Gamer HD
    Aiden The Gamer HD

    I’m over here running 150 fps on subnautica below zero with raytracing, unknowingly taking my pc for granted.

  • Ron Haines
    Ron Haines

    “Comes another” What I heard: Come to nether Me: like the Minecraft nether?

  • Fennec 101
    Fennec 101

    Where’s marks power wash simulator lore?

  • Natural Collision
    Natural Collision

    12:30 So, I think that guy in the bus has something to explain.

  • Brian Masters
    Brian Masters

    I think sonic is going to win. When you talked about club swinging, what about the werehog in sonic unleashed. You always use sonic's arms to swing into and beat up enemies,so would that be considered club swinging or not?

  • Gabriel Callow
    Gabriel Callow

    The absolute madness of this lad; he starts out inadvertently ruining childhoods by uncovering the dark lore of video games, goes on to make a career out of that while almost single handedly remaking the entire system for the greater good. Can we just acknowledge the legend that has become MatPat for a moment.

  • Lolbit 56
    Lolbit 56

    HOLD UP HE DID WHAT O.o nOooOoOooO *brother continues to party when he finds out* Your making me sick fnaf is the best and I’m gonna go cry in my room with his retirement, At least it will continue 🥲

  • arie samson
    arie samson

    The brown panda is actually a subspecies called the Qinling Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) not a color morph.

  • Whisperinwind87

    I love how the editors through in their own comments...

  • OnePunchVideos

    Dammit! Sonic with a life-west spinning he’s feet under water like a motorboat would definitively win in a swimming race! Said i angrily!

  • Trey Younger
    Trey Younger

    Austin... just freeze the ostrich. I mean, in the game, the birds are alive and all, so that’d be out the window. However, to replicate (as close as possible) the results, if the bird was deceased, then bound into a compressed mass, frozen, THEN fired at the pig... it would act more like a traditional projectile, right?

  • Carlito lol
    Carlito lol

    There's Master Ava's Keyblade inside the box. FNAF was a part of the Kingdom Hearts multiverse.

  • unknown Goods
    unknown Goods

    can you do a omori theory

  • spoonsy

    Minecraft cace sounds is what im curious about i mean do they have lore like cave sound 17 or 5

  • Nathan Stuart 😎😎
    Nathan Stuart 😎😎

    Best comedy

  • Flames0nix 011
    Flames0nix 011

    R.I.P. the old intro welcome the new one :) !

  • Oofer DOofer
    Oofer DOofer

    Sonic shoots a pistol and mario shoots a arm cannon yea shooting a pistol shouldn't go to sonic

  • mamba4ever 24
    mamba4ever 24

    Wow imagine when he gets to 2020

  • Kacper Jacewicz
    Kacper Jacewicz

    You tought me more physics than my teatcher

  • Skippy The Slime
    Skippy The Slime

    So what i’m hearing, Death road to Canada isn’t that far fetched.

  • FMPT

    2:20 i would enjoy that

  • Boogs

    For a sec I thought the thumbnail was miss pauling from tf2

  • LoVe BeLiEvE
    LoVe BeLiEvE

    Mat Pat: Who's the real Luigi? Me: Luigi Mat Pat: You're missing the point

  • Ash

    I doubt you’ll see this but I want you to know you did a great job on this Austin!

  • Kaili Leadbeatter
    Kaili Leadbeatter

    Can you pretty please do the scp containment breach I would love you to do it thank you for everything

  • fluffiedraws

    Anyone else think it’s weird that you trade a villager emeralds AND a book for an enchanted book? Is it somehow possible that you’re paying the villager to enchant the book itself- like villagers could have magical abilities somehow?

  • Aditi Nawale
    Aditi Nawale

    if u pause the video at just the right time on 0:11 then u will see some weird purple thing

  • Averly

    I'm beginning to think that the Angry Birds franchise is just a massive shitpost

  • Reviews and stuff
    Reviews and stuff

    The tile should have been: Did dream fake his speedrun? A final analysis of the mod pack he left on accidentally


    Imagine getting mad over a theory Couldn’t be me

  • Mxnny

    only ogs remember the intro with the fnaf characters when a fnaf theory was theorized

  • Pablo B. Rubio
    Pablo B. Rubio

    It's 2021 and this guy really compared the amount of energy it uses to a bunch of old gameboys lmao.