Game Theory: The Real Face Behind The Cult (Kanye Quest 3030)
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Theorists, in our last episode we talked about the cult hiding inside a video game. Today we are taking that one step further. I got the chance to talk to the person behind Ascension. This goes deeper than Kanye Quest 3030. Will you follow me down this rabbit hole?

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
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FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Ryan Sheehan
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  • Declan Markey
    Declan Markey

    It’s a. 3 Eye Bad furby game link dokey dokey

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    Declan Markey

    Hey game

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    This is what happens when you let Kanye into his zone

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    every time I hear "congratulations..." my brain immediately follows up with "you've won!" darn me and my early internet days.

  • The Game Thinkers
    The Game Thinkers

    I think I watched this video already. FROM A VHS PLAYER.

  • Spideybro213

    I thought this was a game theory on little nightmares 2

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    Couch Potato

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    Paola Andrea Orozco Dorado

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  • D B
    D B

    Soo, was that Mirror Matt with audio shenanigans rereading comments so as to give anonymity to Valyrie ?

  • baslucky 8
    baslucky 8

    I ❤️ you

  • TheAdvertisement

    This is legit Matpat solving a real life mystery at this point. This isn't even an ARG this is literally him figuring out what exactly happened to this ARG.

  • TheAdvertisement

    3:28 As the image darkens, the text "ZINXL/Z1=ERCD" appears. Does anyone know what this means?

  • Molnskuggan

    Video 4 of posting about otamatone lore

  • DudeGuy

    ISdowns automatic captions: "I witnessed welcome sh*t game fairy!"

  • teamboobooseth1

    One thing that doesn’t really make sense to me is that Valryi claims to not be the creator of Kanye 3030 and that it has nothing to do with them(?). But as Matt said, it’s highly likely that the pastebin poster is the game’s creator, and the pastebin poster’s PayPal name was Nick Lyons, one of Valryi’s alias and that seems too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence to me.

  • keruomi

    matpat: could be possibly related to cult behaviour subtitles: screen preview The Little penguin

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    Melvin Rivera

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  • zeph williams
    zeph williams

    Oh my god this is creepy!!

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  • Dons world
    Dons world

    2:34 "Why ask for all that infomation later?" To make you think your safe when you dissagree at the end and that you havent already ´´Joined´´ the cult

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    awesomejay 147

    HTW wrote a comment about making a theory about the game “house” by bark bark games. Good ideas! But I would like to see a GT not live of it instead.

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    Pilotpandashot !!!!

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    Paxton King

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    Jorji Costova

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  • TheKambler

    Haven’t seen a video of yours in years. I hope all is well with you and your family =) I miss these videos

  • flapman

    So the girl isn't the maker. Its just someone who made the music that is played there

  • RandomGuy0400

    Man, why would you do that? Now I'll have to play the first 17 seconds of the video backwards to see what is says... Although my first guess is that it's something like "SubScribe To MAttPat NOW" on repeat

  • Oreagle

    Ben10 went through some real hard times he lost a point and downgraded to ben9


    Paypal address to Valyri? Weird

  • Dmitri Axel
    Dmitri Axel

    Day 2 asking Game Theory for Last Theory of Petscop

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    Matpat deserves a Netflix series for arg/ rpg theories

  • Aztek

    Matt should make his forth channel, if he already doesn’t have the idea, about the mysteries of creepy pasta, specifically ARG. ai just find things fascinating about things like Ben Drowned and The Wilbur Soot ARG. It’s just an cool idea I’ve thought about whilst sharing this vid.

  • Rickstar Commentarys
    Rickstar Commentarys

    Hey this went up on my birthday, nice.

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    im a person

    Matpat you HAVE to see this theory about crying obsidian in minecraft

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    Himanish Goel

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  • Job Mulder
    Job Mulder

    Could you maybe do a theory on Feather Family (ROBLOX)? It's a roleplaying game with a hint of magic? You can see for yourself. There was a weird professor, and he resurrected ancient birds. He's gone now. I know it's a weird video to comment this on, but this is one of the most recent videos.

    • Job Mulder
      Job Mulder

      P.S. There are (magical) trees hidden in all of the biomes seen in Skylands, they share a weird connection with the stones in all of the biomes. Small stones can be found above almost all of the trees. Copies of these stones can be found placed around a giant pink tree in Fantasy Field. Maybe this is something to work with?

  • Andrejs Lilles
    Andrejs Lilles

    Can we get a theory on rust?

  • Scott Peterman
    Scott Peterman

    i wonder what would happen if you actually beat the normal game

  • Tobias Nitz
    Tobias Nitz

  • Icy_Tubes-Officail

    Ok so none of my Business but I think he should do some sort of game theory of Bob the FNF mod now you may be saying but he's just a normal old mod but I found something... in the newest bob update right now Bobs onslaught if you beat the last song ( and I'm not talking about little man ) there's texts that pops up with loud sounds the could mabye hurt your ears. anyways there text that pops up witch is a Link to a google drive here's the Link and it has some stuff to be frank pretty sus like a note that says "I don't know what this weird goop is in your office is" and I'm guessing it has something to do when in the second song in Bob onslaught you can see bob dripping with evil goop or something. And also in there is what looks like a child drawing of "me Mom and dad" and the dad is the only one whos frowning witch may mean whys bobs design is always smiling because he never smiled. I don't I why put so much effort to this text he's Probably not gonna see this but if he does then yayyyyy :D

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  • Riccardo Russi
    Riccardo Russi

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  • deen sama
    deen sama

    so, what's the deal with the very real stuff about ascensionism prior to 2013? did you ask valyri about it? did she base her project off that loose religious concept? if not, then why that name, and also more importantly, why did Phenix choose to include information about the pre-2013 religion, which irrevocably tied Valyri (presumably a chill artist who wanted to work on a cult themed art project) to the pre-2013 version of ascenionism? something seems off

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    Oikawa right elbow

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    Kaden Howard

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    Matpat there is some secret lore in the bobs onslaught friday night funkin mod with a google drive link at the end of the last song. i don’t think anyone has figured it out yet.

  • Luca Luca
    Luca Luca

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    Sanjay Panicker

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    This whole cult thing freaks me out, I feel like I’m being watched. It’s crazy what a small secret in an 8 year old game can lead to...

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    This may be buried in the comments but on the topic of cults, is there a possibility of getting a video on The Blackout Club. It is SUCH and interesting game with a story that never got finished as the devs had unfortunate real life issues in the form of a wildfire burning down their office followed by the "cooties" lockdown a few months later. For a VERY brief synopsis, in the small town of Redacre, whose communication is cut off from the outside world, a voice/god/demon/entity (it is intentionally left vague but for easy explanation we'll just call them 'Voices') named SPEAK-AS-ONE (yes, they are all spelled with capslock) has taken over the adults, causing them to perform tasks in their sleep. For various reasons, other Voices have split from SAO, be it to rebel against (THEE-I-DARE), create mischief (THE-LAST-LAUGH), enact vengeance (SEED-THE-GRUDGE), hunt for sport (HUNT-THE-STRONG), restore the nature order of death (IN-HER-TEETH), create balance using logic (THE-MEASURE-CUTS), or accept sacrifices to save others (DIE-FOR-YOU). As a child living in Redacre, you're determined to save the parents of the town by dedicating yourself to one of these Voices and performing various night missions to disrupt SPEAK-AS-ONE's cult activities within the town. Not only are there branching stories of various townsfolk but there is also drama between the Voices and their relationships to each other. It is a FASCINATING game with little to no recognition and I'd love to hear a theory on what is actually going on within the town.

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