Pokemon's Biggest Scandal SOLVED! Who's Ash's Father? | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon
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It's happening. Theorists, today Austin is going to uncover the truth of the biggest scandal in Pokemon history. Who is the FATHER of Ash Ketchum? This has long been debated in the community. Well, with the help of SCIENCE, we are finally going to pin down this missing father. It is time to find Daddy Ketchum!

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  • Nox Nyx
    Nox Nyx

    But its wrong, in the manga dalia said that she was friends with giovanni but choose to be with his dad instead of him - so debunked

  • Royal Legend
    Royal Legend

    That Giovanni is Ash father give so much sense, Jessie and James are there to take care of him, the are Team rockets Strongest team, if you have see them in in Unova you see how powerful Jessie and James are, if I remember right the stole top secret files found top security facilities and deferend itims and I think broke in a took over a jail and really steal a pokemon Giovani wanted frome ash and his friends. And it right that Giovanni meet ask in Unova, but he dont let him speak his name Giovanni just defeat him in like 3 seconds, and Ask mom say that he's dad is a great trainer Giovanni is EXSTRAMELY strong, and are a gym leder to (to also be the boss of Team Rocket) Giovanni take also a report for what the have done, and maybe in the report Jessie and James tell him about Ash's progress as a pokemon trainer. Nodes, this is just what I think I want to hear more opinions write down some Therorys and what you thinking in the comments down please :D

  • Chandrakala Vegi
    Chandrakala Vegi

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  • 8F

    Hate to throw a wrench in your theory but, what if Silver's hair just turned silver with age?

  • Mewtwo gamer
    Mewtwo gamer

    Trainer Red has brown eyes too. Trainer Red also has black hair. Bast on your Datta red is most likely the Father of Ash by I would estamate 97 present. Not to mention that dellia ketcham has some noticable similarities to leaf green. A kind friendly upbeat person. And in the monga, and remakes of the origonel games red, and green have a thing. And at this time Gwovanie would be a young man. And red would most likely to Care More about his pokemon then his own son.

  • Syasya Idy Razlan
    Syasya Idy Razlan


  • Random Human '-'
    Random Human '-'

    Anyone else here the deep voice at 13:30 ? XD

  • MewShifter

    said her name wrong =[

  • Reuben Hornet King
    Reuben Hornet King

    bb stands for birds and bees heh heh

  • Dredo5 Holloway
    Dredo5 Holloway

    I have heard that Gio could be the father, the others yes as well but made no sense

  • Brandonbombplays

    14:30 oak is so happy he didn't give this kid to the world...

  • Lunite76

    This was one of the most mind blowing “the science” episodes ever

  • Guesty

    i havent watched but is it Giovanni

  • AustraliaPog

    Professor oak would never be ash's dad since Gary is the same age as ash and refers to Professor Oak as "gramps". unless...... Gary is Ash's uncle?!?!?!!

  • Maximilian Morris
    Maximilian Morris

    so true

  • NuncleG

    Whoa. You cannot finish a video with "I guess we'll never know who Ash's father is" throw up a picture of Looker then just bounce.

  • Hingano piu
    Hingano piu

    Is this supposed to go in the film theoyest

  • Iris-Says_

    Everyone asking who Ash's dad is,but no one's asking how Ash's dad is😔😔

  • Molnskuggan

    Video 15 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Mel Tee
    Mel Tee

    Ok, story time! I found out when I was about 25 that my grandfather lead a double life. Had two wives (one of which was my grandmother obviously), had two houses, and had 5 kids between the two wives (2 in my family, my mother being one of them). All of this happened in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, in about the 1950's. Considering the census in 2016 said it had roughly only 33,000, it's safe to assume it had a much lower population in the 50's. -----So uh... your theory about keeping a relationship secret in a small town is wrong, considering my grandfather was somehow able to keep his double life secret until my mother was about 12, and my uncle 15. So for AT LEAST 15 years, he was able to keep two families in a small town secret from each other. I still have no idea how he managed this BS.

  • Ruben Pianegonda
    Ruben Pianegonda

    The memory error hit exactly when the video had to buffer. Took me a second to realize that wasnt a part of the video.

  • Diana Anaid
    Diana Anaid

    None of your concern

  • Eric Hanson
    Eric Hanson

    Dalia Ketchum is portrayed as a housewife, right? How long has she had that profession--and exclusively that? Maybe Giovanni has been sending regular payments to her all along ever since their son was born, on the downlow in an effort to keep Ash from finding out? It would be just one more reason for Giovanni to keep his Team Rocket enterprise (illegal as it may be) as profitable as possible, and it would at least partly explain why Dalia is not exactly in poverty despite probably not producing any regular income herself.

  • Guyllian van Rixtel
    Guyllian van Rixtel

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm, why did you not say that Red could be the father?!

  • Hello Friends!
    Hello Friends!

    This is just my science class of last year all over again ○-○... Cool ^-^

  • Leonheil Sotero
    Leonheil Sotero

    In pokemon emerald lol

  • Victor Alvarez
    Victor Alvarez

    Linear Algebra is amazing. lol

  • Silas Eklund
    Silas Eklund

    But if dhalia actually has red hair, the chances of silver being Ash's brother is......?

  • Silas Eklund
    Silas Eklund

    At least the eye thing is answered 100% for me and my brother's. Both my parents have brown eyes. But me and my young brother have blue eyes (our eyes are now a mix) and my youngest brother has brown eyes. Both my parents dads have blue eyes.

  • Chara Violet
    Chara Violet

    ...But isn't Silver's hair clearly gray from old age, though? Like, he doesn't look blonde, even platinum blonde, in any world I can conceive of... He has about the same hair color as Oak, and seems to be at a similar age, too. I really don't think the hair aspect was enough to remove _him_ from the picture.

  • Emre Demirci
    Emre Demirci

    No bruno is father of brock for my calculations.then it need to ne professor Oak or another person

  • Pablo Raul Pereyra
    Pablo Raul Pereyra

    Why the rocket team leader isnt an option?

  • Pablo Raul Pereyra
    Pablo Raul Pereyra

    I was sure what his father was Maradona. He sired a lot of sons...

  • Storm

    I just remembered a couple months ago I was watching this during a science zoom class about genetics lol

  • J NC
    J NC

    I remember people saying that Giovanni was Ashe's father ever since the anime started years ago.

  • Mars13k

    does that mean Ash is black or mexican????

    • Benjamin Menken
      Benjamin Menken

      Obviously not

  • Caleb Woodman
    Caleb Woodman

    It's Mr. Mime.

  • Le Negotiator
    Le Negotiator

    Plot Twist: There were two Mews that were still in existence, the first mew and the only mew left is the main important one. The second Mew like all other mews had to become a different new pokemon species, the second mew didn't know what to turn into and actually decided to want to become a human, it later then became a human, and went to live on like one. For generations, the bloodline of that mew was special because it is the bloodline of a mythical pokemon. That bloodline went down to ash. But some secret organization knew about the bloodline and actually started hunting down that family. The dad of ash went off and fled to keep ash safe and ended up being killed by the organization. But they never knew about Ash the last of the mew origin bloodline. If Dalia told Ash that he was of pokemon descent. It would be too dangerous cause it could get to anyone and anywhere if Ash knew if he was actually part mythical pokemon. That is why Ash loves pokemon and always gets along with them, that is because he is them he is technically part pokemon with human DNA. He is a mixture of humans and Pokemon, a mythical pokemon.

  • Melissa Castellas
    Melissa Castellas

    This video was fun to watch 😊

  • Hero and Hunter
    Hero and Hunter

    This isn’t Science theory it’s game theory

  • Quinn

    My mom's very dark brown hair started turning silver/white at 18. Mine is now...I get genetics is not exact but you blew through that fast. It's easier that way, I know. Plus Giovanni is kind of the obvi take to make fit.

  • gomathi kokila
    gomathi kokila

    Well actually they revealed his name in the d and p season when he Was talking Roark in ash vs byron episode ( sorry I don't know the name of the episode) after byron and Roark fought about fossils pokemon mainly about rampardios and bastiodon ash will say you do an pokemon battle and byron aggres ten byron says you have 10 min for the battle then Roark says the flash back for why byron went canave gym by ditching orberg gym to Roark then ash reveals his father 's name but it was censored and went to the next scene (I was actually seeing the episode for first time so don't ask questions and this episode is an live telecast in india )

  • GDM

    Yo delia is 29

  • raijin 1378
    raijin 1378

    Its Giovanni and he went to the store to buy a pack of smokes and got sidetracked made a secret powerful organization in which he steals pokemon plus gene therapy to also create ultra powerful pokemon also saying he sends Jesse and james to keep an eye on ash and to guide him on his adventures Jesse and james also try to recruit him if I remember correctly which never happens Giovanni just wants to run a father and son business. He just never came back from the pokemart buying cigarettes or moo milk

  • Alfa Aviador
    Alfa Aviador

    Silver is Ash's grandfather. Celia mentioned that both the father and grandfather are trainers in their journey to become Pokemon masters, this also implies that Giovani isn’t the father, as Giovani isn’t in a journey to become a Pokemon master. Another think important is that Celia says that Ash’s father took 4 days to get to Viridian city, implying that he wasn’t from Viridian city, he’s from Palet town.

  • Anonymous Paper Bag
    Anonymous Paper Bag

    I know this came out a while ago but when Austin was about to reveal the leader of team rocket I thought he was about to say Brock which would be really stupid but really funny

  • Just A Dreemurr
    Just A Dreemurr

    Who would've thought that Giovanni was the father.

  • Bug Type Eevee
    Bug Type Eevee

    I already expected giovanni, mostly because it is canon that delia dated him at some point

  • Blue Ninja playz
    Blue Ninja playz

    Can I get invite link to join ur server in discord

  • Rehab Hamdy
    Rehab Hamdy

    Uuuum what happened to ur face and look And who are u

  • Crash Man
    Crash Man

    Voldemort is Ash's father, thats why he has to scars on his cheeks. And when he tried to kill him he blasted him into another universe where pokemon exist. My prediction is the pokemon company will officially reveal this in 2032.

  • Derek Morris
    Derek Morris

    I didnt think ANYONE could be more annoying than MatPat. This guy I hate with all my being, I hope all the bad things in life happen to him and ONLY him.

  • freed. 00
    freed. 00

    What if ahses mom was a lesbian

  • HotLandDude

    whoah thats a lot of dandruff

  • eric

    who tf is this??

  • Akaza

    Ash Ketchup. : )

  • Ava Marie
    Ava Marie

    ash’s father is inuyasha. no i am not taking questions at this time.

  • M.r gamer boy
    M.r gamer boy

    god danm that went fast

  • Super_prince

    me just coming here to learn more science... don't judge me i learned more from this man than in my school classes

  • Jackson Nathan
    Jackson Nathan

    It’s Brock lol

  • Guardia Pheiz
    Guardia Pheiz

    Doesn't Goivanni have a son in Firered/Leafgreen in a laboratory on 1 of the 7 islands, he has red hair if I recall!! Does makes sense with team rocket, but why they constantly try steal pikachu still no actually reason cuz pikachu level is always resets in each region >.> .

  • Music Man
    Music Man


  • BigBiftaBenji

    Silvers old tho

  • Axioanarchist

    Silver (game Silver) looks waaaaaay too much like Rocket Executive Ariana to be coincidental.

  • I cant change My prof pic
    I cant change My prof pic

    Mr mime

  • Kasaen

    Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • Naretard

    Imagine if the farther was red do

  • Yeet Milk
    Yeet Milk

    The dad is professor Oak lol

  • Semi Ramatai
    Semi Ramatai

    Im convinced mr mime is his father

  • Raine L
    Raine L

    Wait wait wait I been thinkin silvers hair is that color cause he is kinda over the hill with premature graying....no?

  • Alpergedon Arima
    Alpergedon Arima

    The truth is ash is the Pokémon world Jesus

  • Alpergedon Arima
    Alpergedon Arima

    I like this so much When you try and explain a fantasy story with science

  • Alpergedon Arima
    Alpergedon Arima

    Come on let’s be real ash’s mom also doesn’t know who the father of ash is

  • Henry3Gordon4James5

    Ash’s dad is obviously Giovanni

  • comicsrule13

    Why is no one talking about he was just about to show a picture of mr mime I was actually freaking out

  • Wyatt Meyer
    Wyatt Meyer

    This dude really didn’t need to talk this much... I’ve HAD to skip thru all his BS and honestly he keeps saying how what he’s saying doesn’t matter... then don’t say it jeez

  • - chu
    - chu

    Well with South Park it was 201 episodes but Pokemon breaks records

  • Robert Kent
    Robert Kent

    Isn't this implied in Pokemon Adventures that Delia and Giovanni have a history?

  • Fadumo Mohamed
    Fadumo Mohamed

    Well I remember it was said somewhere that ash’s mom dated Giovanni

  • Patrick Horton
    Patrick Horton

    ACTUALLY! Pokemon Company basically *DID* said it was Giovanni. Pokemon Live, anybody?

  • aidan ceallaig
    aidan ceallaig

    now who is reds father

  • Axolotlo

    What about red

  • Corey Busha
    Corey Busha

    I was hoping that he would say in the right column it's blue eyes because of white dragon

  • Troy Egan
    Troy Egan

    I think it is Flint. Brock's father.

  • Troy Egan
    Troy Egan

    I would say Silver has gone grey.

  • Tris Flores
    Tris Flores

    HOW DARE YOU? 🤣 I’m triggered.

  • Ale.2P

    11:26 I think that's a spoiler.

  • The Chh
    The Chh

    Team Rocket are secretly trying to save the world. Team Rocket's motto checks out against the other Team's trying to take over the world.

  • Judahbran

    dear austin, i feel like you should probably have your own channel, like the science theorists or something. thats all. bye!

  • Umbra Highwind
    Umbra Highwind

    I'd father Ash. Probably have, who knows.

  • Calacar 7
    Calacar 7

    It’s mr mime XD

  • Astronauta Verdadeiro
    Astronauta Verdadeiro

    Heyyy mr Austin - I have a nostalgic request for you. How strong are the worms in the Worms game series (by Team 17)? Like those lil critters can take machine gun and rocket firing to their faces for breakfast and be chill. Maybe more specifically Worms Armageddon (they do have backspines and skulls :0 )

  • Scuba Steevo
    Scuba Steevo

    I always assumed that Silver, the one that Richie meets in the anime, has grey hair. Therefore, he could have had any hair colour earlier in his life.

  • John Gabriel Dionisio
    John Gabriel Dionisio

    Ash never die because of her wish at Ho oh

  • Miles Stone
    Miles Stone

    It's probably Gary, everytime he loses (in the pokemon uncensored version), he will tell Ash that he effed his mom.

  • Daniela Hernandez
    Daniela Hernandez

    Kids watching this be like: 😅

  • MysticMermaid

    who else fangirled that he said "SCIENCE" like Professor Membrane?! I mean, throw an Invader Zim reference in there, and you autimatically become my favorite youtuber lol

  • Joseph Ellis-Briggs
    Joseph Ellis-Briggs

    pikadad would be the most cursed thing ever. i am very scared

  • 𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓶𝓲 𝓬𝓪𝓯𝓮
    𝓢𝓪𝓽𝓸𝓶𝓲 𝓬𝓪𝓯𝓮

    I just finished my Punnett squares part in biology thank you for explaining again this time I wont forget it easily

  • Alen Savio
    Alen Savio

    Giovanni will not become the father of ash, because in "Pokemon Red Fire" there is a guy who says that Giovanni's son has red hair.

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