Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)
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Today is the day, Theorists! The day that I, once and for all, prove that Ash's Pikachu is WEAK! That's right! There is no Level 100 here. Throughout the anime, Pikachu has proved to not be as strong of a contender as we were led to believe. Let's get into the evidence!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee and Thomas Torbergsen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Pump reacts boi friends with FRGworld
    Pump reacts boi friends with FRGworld


  • pharohbhill123

    Did he emplement exp share and the battles he was in but was swapped out

  • Chandrakala Vegi
    Chandrakala Vegi

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  • The Game Thinkers
    The Game Thinkers

    Um, actually, I'm right about Pikachu. I've had his power level figured out for months.

  • Eggward Featherbottom
    Eggward Featherbottom

    the only reason he lost to snivy is because he couldnt use electric attacks

  • Demigod Shmurda
    Demigod Shmurda

    Use Gen 8 Exp mechanics where the Exp Share is always on.

  • mac23806

    I was pretty close I was thinking 63 whoop, that snivy must've been the buffet of all the snives in the world. Way to go on all that research

  • pinx liked
    pinx liked

    i feel like pikachus level is temporarily lowered large amount but then starts to gain it back

  • FATbulldog

    Why don’t you just mod in a pikachu as your starter and do what Ash did

  • Cat king miow
    Cat king miow

    Maybe Snivy had a Focus Band (which lets you survive ang attack on 1 HP that is supposed to get you any lower than that) and Pikachu already had low HP (lower than 32) before the battle.

  • Eevee anime
    Eevee anime

    Continue this do the entire series of Pokemon

  • Ruben Riemens
    Ruben Riemens

    7:42 spoilers

  • luka houdijk 070
    luka houdijk 070

    no one realised but in the games a kid can have control over a actual god

  • OmegaX5000

    I feel like you may have over-estimated Team Rocket's levels, since they are notoriously bad at battling and there's little evidence that they train up their Pokémon off-screen. Aside from when they put their Pokémon onto exercise equipment to power their giant robots, Team Rocket doesn't really seem to bother training their Pokémon. Now I'm curious to see what level Pikachu would be by the end of the Alola region, after Ash became the first champion of the region and defeated the invading group of Guzzlord.

  • Bert Verheugen
    Bert Verheugen

    With the numbers matpat gives at the end, a snivy who was boosted it’s stats to +6 could beat Pikachu with the given moves. I smell a cheater

  • Mr. Wither HMC
    Mr. Wither HMC

    Heres an idea, how strong would jibanyan be at the time of the first yo kai watch movie, yo kai watch series, it's also a video game series

  • XxMeTa_Zr-0xX

    I want to see Pokémon Legends Arceus: Join an Alliance Mode It is like the Legendary Sanin. They can train you to get Genshin Impact Powers. Masters like: Lysander as Victini Cyrus as Manaphy Cynthia as Jirachi

  • Oliver Blomqvist
    Oliver Blomqvist

    It's so dumb to assume that pikachu has never gained any exp between the episodes tho.

  • superbearchrist

    you know here's a big what if for everyone. let's just say our boy snivy got some of the good stuff while holding an everstone. so he pumps himself full of the rare candy and i don't mean eat i mean like literally melt it down use a rubber band and inject it straight into his veins a large amount of time before he met pikachu just to show him yeah well you might be doing this "authentically" but just ain't no one gonna beat Barry bonds and his totally not roided forearms homerun record and that is why pikachu lost to snivy the underground pokemon rare candy drug trade.

  • Lucas Rangel
    Lucas Rangel

    It is not a surprise that Meowth is lvl 70, because he can talk, i mean its not a common thing

  • Spleens the cat #10
    Spleens the cat #10

    Sir. Sir. Sir. SIR. How Big Can Kirby Inhale. I NEED ANSWERS

  • Ernesto Chaves
    Ernesto Chaves

    Another feasible hypothesis is that pikachu is used less and less in fights and loses form over time. Gets fat, and lazy, like any animal untrained.

  • Shace616

    The only thing I could ever think of is that because Ash is so stupid he probably didn't heal Pikachu since the battle at the end of the last episode

  • shadow ayam
    shadow ayam

    The only sane person to finish pokemon without being Force

  • C Dee
    C Dee

    Um. So you have to actually tell us why Pikachu lost then, because basically all your calculations are wrong and useless.

  • Thing's To Do When You're Bored
    Thing's To Do When You're Bored

    I'm sad the EV's weren't worked out too.

    • OmegaX5000

      I think it's safe to say he maxed out his speed stat in episode 1 thanks to the flock of Spearow, and everything else along the way through Kanto just randomly boosted Pikachu's other stats. Ignoring any Pokémon that would boost Pikachu's speed further, since it's already maxed out, that would probably lead Pikachu to having everything else be about halfway boosted by the end of the Indigo League at best.

  • CrashSquirrel

    I thought using Pokémon moves was against your rules... Also, evolutions can be halted giving less accurate answers. I know you have to go off something, but it's just an observation.

  • H W
    H W

    Theory: Pikachu going easy on the Snivy on purpose because he and Ash purposefully want to avoid being too overpowered whenever staring a new region. As we saw in Johto, that is part of the canon justification for leaving his team from every former region behind. But Ash obviously isn’t leaving Pikachu behind, so he tells Pikachu to act like an appropriate level and Pikachu is really committed to it.

  • Dennis Sivils
    Dennis Sivils

    Hey MattPatt, when you show off the episode guide at the very bottom you have the final lvl shown.

  • Kleo The silkwings
    Kleo The silkwings

    My guess they gave the boy a higher level snivy by accident or something. Snivy learns leaf tornado at level 16.

  • Molnskuggan

    Video 9 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Coolknight

    Why can't team rocket "steal" a different pikachu

  • neo funkin' nights of funky gaming
    neo funkin' nights of funky gaming

    resets maybe or just be level 100 i allways loved pokemon advence dumb head i love it so much i would die maybe?

  • Gadget

    MatPat, you know pokemon don't have to evolve when they hit a specific level? I know this to be a fact since I leveled a magicarp to level100 without allowing it to evolve. (afterwards I made it forget any move besides splash and released it into the wild - still makes me smile to imagine the most powerful magical in the world still only using Splash)

  • KLanky Burd
    KLanky Burd

    There aren’t levels in the anime

  • mommy should drop rotten flesh and paper
    mommy should drop rotten flesh and paper

    Just think of the items Ash might use there's a lot of items that might that might weaken your Pokemon are strengthen them up and I share my abused the ones that bulk up Pikachu's speed and attack but Lord has defense and speed defense

  • Marcelo Yuri
    Marcelo Yuri

    But, wasn't there an Ash on pokemon Crystal that you could battle and he would use a lv 80 pikachu?

  • Bluemilk92

    What a madlad

  • Rojus Rutkauskas
    Rojus Rutkauskas

    Matpat: How Strong Is Ash's Pikachu Also Matpat: Pikachu Is Weaker Than You Think [Visible Confusion]

  • Cory Haase
    Cory Haase

    Random thought to add to this is how many rare candles ash must have used in the show. Because we all know rare candy is a thing but never once shown that I know of in the series. But they did talk about berries so if when ash knows what berries are. Add every rare candy from all the games going forward and split them between 7 Pokemon raising piccas level?



  • Irishbananamafia

    Matpat, you are a wizard

  • ItsCraftyy

    sometimes I just watch to see how much things I dont understand

  • Tame

    Perhaps pikachu was sitting on 2 hp and ash forgot to use a super potion. Duh that’s why it took Snivy 2 hits

  • Ray Ward
    Ray Ward

    Ash starts battle with snivy, forgetting to heal his pikachu. Hears the du dum du dum sound indicating red health. Snivy used focus sash. GG pikachu👌

  • Johnny

    Wtf why is the second episode the same as the first one.

  • Andrew Lang
    Andrew Lang

    I just checked my game theory has 10 million more subscribers than the official Pokémon ISdowns channel

  • Supermint Soda
    Supermint Soda

    I mean if you take into account that the Elite 4 of most regions hit mid 50s, a level 60 pikachu is still pretty impressive. It's right around where some of the absolute top trainers land at. If we're comparing his levels to Lance's dragonites "Worlds most powerful Pikachu" seems like a pretty accurate statement.

  • gothic night321
    gothic night321

    Theory idea " how dangerous is pokemon world In reality " because i mean surely yes you can survive with food but then you have the fact literally animals shooting fire and electricity so can you do a theroy about how deadly the world actually is please

  • Bjørn Ironside Ragnarson
    Bjørn Ironside Ragnarson

    You complained about doing a 2 part video but yet took over 5 minutes to recap episode 1... So you could've made episode one 10 minutes longer and avoided a second video. It's clear you done it for more views and the chance to have 2 videos monitised rather than one, so why act like you're hard done by and doing US a favour?

  • Systemghost

    Bruhhh snievy is a grass type which is powerful than electric type and pikachu is unable to use electric type moves.

  • TheMelonPerson

    That was the best intro I’ve ever experienced

  • Phulze

    "I just calculated everything but heyyy thats just a theory pfff"

  • Diamond Davey
    Diamond Davey

    Ash did some off camera training

  • Prince Shiloh
    Prince Shiloh

    It’s possible for Pikachu’s HP to be around 10 if Ash had been training with Pikachu prior to that match and hadn’t taken him to the Pokecenter..

  • Roger Muri
    Roger Muri

    You forgot pokemon journey's the series on Netflix which is crooshel for pikachus power level

    • Roger Muri
      Roger Muri

      That's so true! and akuoret

  • smile snack
    smile snack

    Maybe pikachu wasnt only hurt from having electricity drained? I mean he did only fight that snivy a day later after being hurt by zekrom, so maybe pikachu just wasnt feeling up to a battle and maybe ash underestimated how fast pikachu could recover. I mean id feel sore for a bit if i was electrocuted by zekrom...

  • copper pirate
    copper pirate

    I thout that mat pat whold be the leader of team therist

  • Tomy Lightning
    Tomy Lightning

    I mean that snivy never battled not never trained maybe in the anime you can train your pokemon like the daycare owners in the games

  • British Narrator
    British Narrator

    But, wait. What if - Pikachu IS the world's strongest Pikachu BECAUSE of it's level? Lemme explain. From their first encounter, Team Rocket knows something's special about it. As soon throughout every episode of every series, (at least the ones it wins), it can hit far above it's weight class. Perhaps Pikachu is super strong DESPITE it's level, not BECAUSE of it. Like, imagine if that thing WAS level 100. It would be far more powerful than the average Pikachu, without question.

  • Aaron

    Aren't there training montages and implied time lapses in the anime where ash is just training his pokemon? This wouldn't account for that grind right?

  • Mitch Clark
    Mitch Clark

    Could we go further in giving Snivy a fighting chance with Focus Sash (basically sturdy ability) and Pikachu at low health?

  • Super K9 Letsplays
    Super K9 Letsplays

    Why did I get so much nostalgia when he played the theme from pokemon advanced

  • Water Me Loan 64
    Water Me Loan 64

    The fact that Pikachu is weak is hilarious since Ash should be, like, 20 years old LMAO 😂

    • SFS

      Or dude. He turned 11 when he was in Unova

  • Snake Birb
    Snake Birb

    You need to try and make sense of the pokemon anime timeline the newest season screwed everything up vut it shouldn't count because it's mainly just following the event of the entire anime plus sword and shield.

  • Lightspeedchaos

    You missed X and Y, sun and moon, and journys.

  • Salah Lee
    Salah Lee

    ''the world's most powerful pikachu''-myowth first it was crumby but matpat somehow mabe it look and sound better second this (14:52) my first time playing and watching pokemon my no# 1 rule was ''identify types by color'' mat pat is still right bout you dude...... or if that is if he's idk.. color blind or something like that

  • Mary Hoffman
    Mary Hoffman

    Matpat: I watched ALL the episodes! Me: I watched all the episodes 3 times

  • DarkRiverSaben

    Satoshi is 10 years old and most people expected him to be smart. He was still learning. Most people heap on Ash mostly on him not knowing type Disadvantages when battling. Ash know them but remember his ten years old so informations doesn't stick if you spend more time out of school or without information on hand. (Ash properly was the sleepy student in class who study hard but didn't fully understand unless put in practice). Rules change for each region. Plus it take him about 2-4 months to reach his first tournament. By then his real battle match (without beening interrupted by team rocket or getting his items st stolen or ruin) was about less than 30 battles. In a vacuum, Ash looks like a chump next to any competitive Pokémon trainer. After all, people like to compare his performance between the games and the anime. Which it's completely unfair comparison to. Ash in the the anime is more realistic. In the anime, Ash is limited by his experience, but in the game you can fight the the same pokemon over and over again and get use to it. By then you know everything about pokemon after about 151+ battles Kanto alone. In his first tournament, Ash battle experience was low with each of his pokemon. He didn't see all the pokemon in the region to understand them. Fully understand cause and effect of each types Advantages, move set ,and status effects you get from the video game. In the anime this was his first glares of competition. If he went with his strongest team (with battle experience and knowledge in tow) of Muk, one of his Taros (especially), Charizard (if it follow order), Pikachu, Kingler, or Mr.Mime he probably would have win Kanto alone. (BTW in Kanto he was limited to use 3 pokemon at a time per match). Now after about one year in anime logic and about 300+ battles Ash become the champion.

  • Muhd Yazid
    Muhd Yazid

    That make sense because pikachu sometime lose 😑😑😑

  • Jeremiah boll
    Jeremiah boll

    But what's Pikachu's level by the beginning of pokemon journey's

  • R4-P17

    Why does does? Maybe?

  • JAY Chii
    JAY Chii

    Am I the only one that can't hear the characters speaking at 11:25?

  • Noside Noside
    Noside Noside

    maybe snivy had a broken egg move? and also maybe the don-die-in-one-hit item in some of the games?

  • Anthony Gordon
    Anthony Gordon

    Now don't hate me for this, but is it possible that Pikachu gained levels while Ash was traveling with Brock the in-training pokemon breeder. Could one calculate the time spent with Brock as though it were time at the pokemon daycare and add that to the total?

  • Fire bolt
    Fire bolt

    Where did matpat watch these pokemon episodes

  • Paul Villegas
    Paul Villegas

    How to ruin this video . . . . . . . . . . . . Exp. Share 😐

  • Silas Eklund
    Silas Eklund

    Do you have a video adding up to pikachus level since sword and shield series?

  • PowWow Ken
    PowWow Ken

    My 10 year old self feels vindicated for always calling Ash a terrible excuse for a Pokemon trainer

  • Ol Po
    Ol Po

    Watch out now comes a shocker: Maybe just maaaybe levels dont exist in the anime. Never ever does someone mention something as a level in the anime. If it exists it would be a topic. Why should someone be forcing video game systems on an anime.

  • Tomon

    "Pikachu is just level 61, science says so." "Oh and here you go Meowth, you can be 70+ even though you almost never fight" :-D

  • lefant0m3

    Does Pikachu not benefit from any EXP share for just being in Ash's party?

  • WhiteGorilla

    so basically ash is a bad trainer

  • LilyLopears & FloatzelGanda
    LilyLopears & FloatzelGanda

    One detail everyone misses: Snivy isn't Level 5. It doesn't learn Leaf Tornado until Level 16.

  • amnesa

    We now know Pikachu threw the fight

  • aggleos papaioannou
    aggleos papaioannou

    matt patt i have a theory that will blow your mind!!!! pikachu is geovani's son and it ties to what the egg is!!! if you want to know more just say so mate!!

  • Mimikyu 2007
    Mimikyu 2007

    It’s obvious the movies aren’t cannon as ash doesn’t remember meeting the legendary Pokémon aka mewtwo in hornets which by the way is on Netflix so may you might wanna watch it

  • Vlad the Inhaler
    Vlad the Inhaler

    I hope you all have a bad day

  • Michael sosa
    Michael sosa

    6:49 no one gonna talk about the season numbering there huh?

  • Tim Luo
    Tim Luo

    Mixed feelings here... you guys easily shot down the theory another person had at 4:40 but at the same time you would calculate and assume pikachu could beat pokemon higher level than itself (because it was shown in the anime). There is a clear reason why everyone assumes that Pikachu is higher than lv 100, there is no way a under leveled pikachu would normally beat those pokemons legendary or elite trained. At the end of your video you estimated that Meowth would be lv 70 but if we were to use the same equation he definitely had way less battles than Pikachu.

  • Jazzy FirePepper
    Jazzy FirePepper

    7:45 bottom right of the spreadsheet Pikachu's level is 61.2. You gave it away halfway through the second video. Focused too much on details of Pikachu forgot about the biggest detail of all which was the giveaway.

  • Justin Depas
    Justin Depas

    Then what level is snivey

  • Eric Burns
    Eric Burns

    7:43 gave away the answer lol

  • konstantinos faitakis
    konstantinos faitakis

    I hate anime that video is crinch

  • ʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯos
    ʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯos

    ill give you a like for watching 600+ 20 minute episodes

  • Skyler Chau
    Skyler Chau

    Do you know why ash's Pikachu was leveled at 5 regions? It's because unlike you jimmy who ground the grass for hours, Ash walked straight through for bonds with new pokemon instead of taking an hour to use time into getting that much exp for LVL 100.

  • Skyler Chau
    Skyler Chau

    Next episode is for all regions

  • Rip Catman
    Rip Catman

    Wow Matpat as a girl hits different

  • Julian Ajax
    Julian Ajax

    Invisible focus sash?