Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF
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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you'll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Boop Boop
    Boop Boop

    isnt this country about freedom? so if its about freedom we should be able to support WHATEVER WE WANT right?

  • AverageDamian

    Oh my god he referenced RE also I’ll miss scott

  • luka rekhviashvili
    luka rekhviashvili

    It's none of your business

  • The Typical Fazbear
    The Typical Fazbear

    I have to appreciate that he didn't shove any left or Right democrat or republican narrative...

  • Caleb Monyepao
    Caleb Monyepao

    As an outsider (non American) LGBTQ+ person, i think I can provide a point of view. Firstly, I am so disappointed to see people doxxing and sending death threats, its inexcusable. Secondly, I personally believe you can support art and not artist, example, Pablo Picasso was known to be abusive and misogynistic, however you can still love the art without loving him. I personally will not support Scott as a person, but will still support FNAF going forward. I can't support someone who supports those who have fundamental prejudice against any community (race, gender, culture, religion or sexuality). I personally believe the like, support like, and that he must have some common beliefs with those who show the prejudice. But that's just my take and I'm open to others thoughts

  • William_afton1940s

    GAME THEORY IDEA: What if Michael Afton was Scrap trap? Because Scrap trap and Spring trap do not look the same. Michael’s body would fit perfect into Scrap trap. So Michael could’ve been the one actually sent to hell instead of William Afton. In that case you actually play as Michael in UCN and in one of the theories Matpat said that the animatronics get confused with Michael and William because they look so similar. Also what if in the fire at Fazbear’s frights William went into one of the game disks or whatever they are? It would explain why he is in VR Help Wanted instead of UCN. One more thing it would tell why he isn’t in the games after Pizza simulator or UCN.

  • skyler miller
    skyler miller

    i just wanna say that this good content although sometimes i think differently it's really good thank you for awesome MatPat

  • w a
    w a

    Scott: "he kinda has potential to be a good president, just 2,000 won't help but I hope it does" The internet: *bad Scott,BAD!*

  • DracoDatBoy

    So what if it was their money before, you gave it to him to play the games. And now he gets to use the money for something he believes in. It's not yours anymore so the LGBTQ shouldn't have a say what he has to do with it

  • Milk

    Tbh I’m a little disappointed in you for being confused in how to feel about this a logical reasoning is to realize this man simply donated to the Republican Party which isn’t anti lgbt Scott is innocent

  • T3V

    Man, people need to relax. If anyone had dug into Scott Cawthon at all you could have seen that he has made several games before FNAF. The one I’d like to point out is the game Pilgrim’s Progress, which if you don’t know was originally a book with many underlying themes of the Christian religion. Which is where the conservative outlook on government typically stems from. Now there definitely are extremes of this, as a Christian myself, I don’t believe that LGBT people are less than human or deserve to be treated worse than someone who is not part of that community, however that doesn’t mean I agree with what they stand for. Now back to my original point, if people were so concerned about where Scott was spending his money or who he would be supporting politically it’s not hard to get a pretty good idea by looking at his games before FNAF or even his Wikipedia page under the “Early life and work tab.” Nowadays it feels like having a differing political opinion than the democratic party is a crime, and that you either agree with them or get canceled if you don’t. It’s ridiculous that people can’t allow others to have differing outlooks on the same situation . If you are concerned about where your money is going to go during an election when you support a game developer, then you should have looked that up before you start buying the games. Granted you can’t tell exactly where the money is going immediately but you can get a pretty good idea of where he stands politically and where it will potentially go come an election, and if you don’t like it then don’t support him its as easy as that. All that to say, Scott doesn’t deserve hate. He is allowed to have differing views, and the money that people give him for the game in the end is his money and he can spend it as he wishes whether you like it or not.

  • Lemond_Unicorn

    I will always support Scott because we all get mistakes we all deserve second chance or more were just humans



  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Stay out of this man's politics. It's none of any of our business.

  • Elizabeth Conder
    Elizabeth Conder

    Heaven forbid someone has a political opinion! -_- Matt, I want to thank you for putting this together. It expressed feelings and thoughts about this situation that I didn't even know I had; and for that I'm very grateful. It's wonderful and satisfying to see someone actually take the time to look into the situation past face value and take the time to consider all positions and perspectives in this issue. It's clear that you care for this community, and for his, and are taking the steps and being considerate to all positions. You are wonderful, and your work is too. I honestly can't thank you enough. This video was wonderful to watch and I am so glad I have stuck around with your channel for so long. Again, thank you. Words cannot express how glad I am that you took the time to make this. It puts my mind at ease knowing I'm not alone in my stance. The respect I have, and have gained for you from just this video alone is crazy. Keep on keeping on. -Liz

  • Adam Wiest
    Adam Wiest

    About the politics, he is allowed an opinion and nobody can say otherwise whether they like it or not

  • Darkstalker7133

    My respect for Scott after finding out about his donations 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Adrian Anderson
    Adrian Anderson

    Oh and them every time it said Matt pack it means Matt Pat so yeah I'm using the voice thingy so I'm not really texting yeah

  • Draise G
    Draise G

    I don't think that being republican is wrong frankly. I'm not because, I don't really vibe with them but i don't think that makes instavillan

  • Adrian Anderson
    Adrian Anderson

    Hey map pack so I'm here's a theory and looked at them the phone at 5 characters get a sister location and here's something I believe that entered used to be his own animatronic and well the reason I think that is cuz look at his design and the eyes then look at all the others eyes where did they get the blue ones I mean yes you might say that the blue eyes are from Funtime Freddy but if you want to ask me and your blue eyes are little darker if you ask me and her eyes or regular blue and Funtime Freddy's eyes are light blue so how the hoo-ha does ennard get the blue eyes so yeah let's see if you can find a theory about that one it's going to be hard now if you do make a theory about that I'm automatically liking it and well I'm subscriber and if you see this please for the love of God do a theory on it thanks bye map pat

  • Lani Solfire
    Lani Solfire

    fnaf wont make it without scott, as an artist that was his baby. he shouldnt have given it up.

  • ChicaEXcaliber

    I also hate American politics

  • Jake Mumm
    Jake Mumm

    so, people are getting upset on someone's personal choice to donate their own money to the candidates they thought would be best and ignoring his donations to charity that each were larger sums than the total amount of political support? Just wanted to make sure I got that right.

  • NoodleBakeEllie

    I hate that people are saying Scott quit because if his backlash, yeah that’s maybe part of it but also he has a family and children. Tbh I’d rather him spend time on his family than a game if that’s what he wishes.

  • Axeman

    9:51 is that greg Holgate (the Stupendium) ?

  • A Noob Speedruns
    A Noob Speedruns

    Okay so I have theory. Back in the days of FNAF 4, Scott left those message on his website. One of these messages was “4 games. One Story.” What if only four of the games Scott released in this series were actually part of a coherent story.

  • The synthesis
    The synthesis

    Whoever your editor is needs to be fired

  • Funguy-YT

    TL;DR don't read TL;DR's

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan

    lets be honest here, if you got offended by Scotts moves and decisions you are the definition of a bad person, he donated money to help people and organizations on top of that he donated more to charities.. just because you got but hurt doesn't mean you should go around leaking someone else ip and where they live, its straight wrong ESPECIALLY if it has to do with politics people are entitled to there own opinion, we are all human and if you cant accept that get off the internet.

    • Arthur morgan
      Arthur morgan

      I'd prefer they leave the planet but that works too I guess

    • SpicyWOLF


  • soilhalo 27
    soilhalo 27

    Your political theory is wrong. Tulsi is a Dino kinda how Romney is a rino. Scott supports Republicans nothing wrong with that half the country is the same. But to go after people for there political views is crazy. We gave two parties and majority of Americans want us to have one hows that any better then the CCP

  • Lukas Cozad
    Lukas Cozad

    Can we all just agree that Matpat's view on American Politics was spot on? I've actually been thinking this for quite a while ever since I learned more about the subject. As a wise Jedi Knight once said, "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."

  • ThePinkQueen

    Dude we love you Mat 🙂

  • Damion Plays
    Damion Plays

    Just because people support someone who has different visions than you doesn't and shouldn't affect your relationship politics are just poison it tears people apart it matters on how the person views you rather than their political parties view on you

  • Wolfe

    This isn’t related to this video in particular, but I can’t un-hear this. Listen to the trailer music for FNAF Security Breach, but only the first five seconds. What is this?

  • Agent Boudi
    Agent Boudi

    My respect for MatPat after this video 📈📈📈

  • Lolbit 56
    Lolbit 56

    HOLD UP HE DID WHAT O.o nOooOoOooO *brother continues to party when he finds out* Your making me sick fnaf is the best and I’m gonna go cry in my room with his retirement, At least it will continue 🥲

  • Vaishnavi Kanaga durga
    Vaishnavi Kanaga durga

    I support fnaf .I don't support scott

  • Baker- chan
    Baker- chan

    I cant help but mention that this almost makes me want to step back a bit from fnaf out of fear of getting canceled for my families and a few of my conservative views about foreign and economic policies i agree with the fact that the orange man irl has done better than mr biden on those two points until covid hit but being that i have at least 2 homophobic relatives and an over technical relitive that doesnt under stand completely but still supports lgbtq+ relationships i am the most open and accepting person in my immediate family being that i am mostly asexual and still learning about the community, i hope people would be like the ghost that moves into the afton infected man to expand on the good things the orange man did compared to the bad and therefore make the country stronger as a whole

  • The drummer from q22
    The drummer from q22

    people are so soft these days and never can forgive and forget smh what a fake fan base thank u scott for ur master piece that was fnaf pls stay

  • Nintergo Studios
    Nintergo Studios

    The thing is. Well. Children like FNAF, I know it may not be appropriate but people like markiplier and MattPat, And everybody else, Are nice, so people like watching them, And I often rewatch old fnaf videos, And I. Like so many others, am a child who enjoy watching these videos. And the thing is... Im not gonna go into detail as how it was wrong to send death threats to scott, because so many others do it. You Can take that sentence the wrong way, or the right way. But if we want him to go back, We should support scott as much as we can now, I mean. Its like when George lucas handed over star wars to disney. In my opinion, the movies worsened. And Scott Is a brilliant man. And Im guessing you guys are wondering what the top part is about. You see. Ive noticed that many other children, well. Most of them havent developed enough to actually understand politics, they just follow their parents beliefs. And thats about all. Also you can judge me. Im not gonna stop you. And I want to say. Do we really think that things might not make much sense after theres a new person planning the story. Ive read so many of the books, and played the games, just like so many other fans. But, for example. People would be confused, so all the harry potter books were written by JK Rowling, and then JK rowling just quit and a new person got permission to make a sequel to harry potter. There wouldnt be the same vibe.

  • Nintergo Studios
    Nintergo Studios


  • Christopher Scott
    Christopher Scott

    You failed with this one Mr Theorist. You clearly have a vested interest in still doing videos on FNAF and that’s why you’re going easy on Scott instead of calling it what it is. Very disappointing but not unexpected given the world we live in.

    • A troll
      A troll

      @Christopher Scott I never thought I'd say that sentence on the internet

    • A troll
      A troll

      @Christopher Scott I disagree but I still respect your opinion

    • Christopher Scott
      Christopher Scott

      @Алехандро How about you shut it or actually give a reason why I’m wrong fanboy?

    • SpicyWOLF

      @Uwantsum Tacos same

    • SpicyWOLF

      Oh shutup

  • Armando villarreal
    Armando villarreal

    I am conservative, and I'm willing to separate the creators from the creations I enjoy, even when I don't agree with the creators ideologically, or with their agendas.

  • sethsucksatlife


  • LavenDork

    Matpat darling, I must ask, why would our crying child Evan be overseas risking his life if he’s dead? It doesn’t make sense. Yeah we know it’s not him actually, but I think the crying child is actually Mike and the brother is Evan, let me explain: we know for a fact crying child dies and we also know that Michael, older Michael who gets scooped, is a robot like Charlie, but why? Why would he be a robot? Cause he’s dead. He died from Fredbear’s bite and out of grief someone pulled a Henry and made Michael anew. Fnaf four is us playing as Mike before he died, while he was in the hospital. Evan is stricken by grief of his brothers death, enlists in the military and sacrifices his life to make up for what he did to his little bro. Mike is dead, he’s also a robot, and Evan is our mean older brother. It may be a stretch, but it’s really not, all of our pieces are there. Even Evan talking to Jake through a doll could be why the text color was different with “i will put you back together” it was Evan saying it to Mike, heck it might’ve been Evan who made him into a robot in the first place and pulled the Henry move. And if it was Evan talking to Mike, this story with the doll would make sense for that last scene where psychic friend Fredbear promises to put him back together. You had all the pieces Matty, you just needed a little help ;) (also this isn’t me criticizing you, this is literally my Epiphany)

  • DudeGuy

    Scott's political opinions had almost nothing to do with the FNAF fanbase, even before all this drama. It was the fans themselves who created that friendly environment.

  • Mr Flexotic
    Mr Flexotic

    But thats JUST A THEORY, a GAY theory. Sorry im lgbtq+ and i couldnt hold it in lol


    Hey Mat could you make a video for the game Mr hopps playhouse ?

  • funtime actress
    funtime actress


  • Trevor Bazile
    Trevor Bazile

    team consist of people all across the spectrum one black person lol

  • Luka Veljković
    Luka Veljković

    Matpat, you're a snake for this

    • SpicyWOLF


    • Алехандро


  • Esterføx fofinha :3
    Esterføx fofinha :3

    but hey that's just a fact!! a GAME FACT! thanks for watching!

  • Thomas Waaden
    Thomas Waaden

    Tying his support of republicans to him having a negative impact on the LGBT community, is the weirdest thing to me, how is that logical. To me it seems, he had resources to support the political party of his choosing, so he did what he thought was the best for his country. Obviously, republicans aren't a party that has a goal of making the lives of LGBT people harder It's nice to see matpat using information and logic to deal with his dilemma, instead of submitting

    • hat n dog
      hat n dog

      @Thomas Waaden true. Thank you for understanding though

    • Thomas Waaden
      Thomas Waaden

      @hat n dog that's fine. We have to acknowledge that we got nowhere though

    • hat n dog
      hat n dog

      @Thomas Waaden many articles. I'm gonna stop now cause i dont wanna get into a political argument

    • Thomas Waaden
      Thomas Waaden

      @hat n dog sources?

    • hat n dog
      hat n dog

      they have tried to pass laws making it harder for lgbtq to get jobs and stuff

  • Demiurgus, God of Form
    Demiurgus, God of Form

    MatPat, after watching this video, not only have I lost *a lot* of respect for you, but now I am actively counting the days until someone goes rooting through your private affairs and tries (and probably succeeds, given your response to Scott's cancelation) to cancel you and those affiliated with you.

    • aster ace
      aster ace

      @Demiurgus, God of Form tl;dr he is understanding why people are mad at scott yet not excusing what they are doing as it has happend to him and it wouldn't make sense for him to think what they are doing is even sort of ok.

    • aster ace
      aster ace

      @Demiurgus, God of Form ok so your saying that because he's trying to see boths sides of the story even tho he obviously says and thinks the doxxers and death threat senders are bad he still should be doxxed and attacked AGAIN just for trying to be the middle man? that has got to be the dumbest most ignorant and (excuse my language im not trying to offend people) retarded excuse to say you want someones life to be put in danger for a second time over having the same opinion as you but in a different way. He doesn't say its ok or makes sense for them to do that to scott he's just saying he knows why they are angry and not ONCE has he even slightly seems like he cundons what they are doing he just see's why some people are angry and dont want to support scott or fnaf in general. He has not implied or said that its ok or understandable for them to doxx him and send death threats and if it was him im sure the answer would be similar and instead of saying what he said it would be "I get why you all are mad and its understandable to be angry at me for supporting (insert bad person here) but that doesn't mean its ok to attack me and people in my family.". See? Same answer in a different form.If he said that would your response be "Its not ok for you to be excusing this behavior"? Its the same concept except he's saying it to someone else. Stop making it seem like he is even sort of excusing their actions when he's not. You're able to understand why someone is mad and not think that what they are doing is ok at the same time dude get that through your thick skull.

    • Demiurgus, God of Form
      Demiurgus, God of Form

      As a collective response to all the above comments; in the first part of this video, MatPat went out of his way to explain why the people attacking and threatening Scott did what they did and partially excused their actions by way of feeling betrayed. I don't see it as him firmly denouncing anything, so much as trying to play both sides when one is blatantly in the wrong. So, I simply say if he's willing to excuse attacking/discriminating/cancelling someone for their personal and private beliefs and opinions, then I hope he gets to experience the same things, and then see where he stands on the matter.

    • SpicyWOLF

      Oh shutup

    • aster ace
      aster ace

      @Demiurgus, God of Form he was saying he still was gonna cover the fnaf series as a whole and didn't care about what scott did if anything he was DEFENDING scott especially the doxxing because he also got death threats as stated at 16:30 to 17:04 even saying how he gave the benefit of the doubt to scott it makes me wonder if you REALLY watched the video and payed attention. If you did you would realize he wasnt justifying it,he was explaining why it made sense for people to be mad about what he did. If he was justifying them it would counter what he said in the timestamps above it would be dumb and stupid and the fact that you didnt seem to even watch the whole video before you judged makes you horrible

  • Bad Baby Ray
    Bad Baby Ray

    I despise people who harrass Scott just because he has different views..

    • SpicyWOLF


  • Skrewtality

    Why did people get mad with scott? He likes a president for some reasons and people dont like that his supporting a president for a different reasons even though he may not agree with that part. He had two choices on who to vote. He votes for who agrees with more, not who he agrees with completely.

  • NotJoshua77

    Hey Mat I found something interesting about Fnaf. So in Fnaf VR Jeremy cuts his face off right? I did some research and a human can live without there frontal lobe BUT they can’t form simple thoughts or move. I think that glitchtrap forced Jeremy to cut off his frontal lobe because he knew it would disable his ability to think but it didn’t work as Jeremy could no longer move so he instead moved on to Vanny. A reason he could’ve known that it would disable Jeremys ability to think is because of the bite of, you guessed it, 87. I don’t know what this could help with (if anything at all) but it’s something interesting I came across.

  • Foxkey

    Please no more political theories

  • Something something something else
    Something something something else

    Leftists will talk about women rights but then dox and threaten to murder a pregnant woman because her husband hurt their feewings.

    • The Viewer
      The Viewer

      Right wingers will talk about how a foetus is a human who doesn't deserve to be hurt but will support a political party that locks children in cages at the border, will force trans children to go through irreversible changes due to natal puberty when it could easily be prevented, will blame black kids for getting attacked and killed by the police by telling them that they "should have complied", will let kids get killed in mass shootings and blame mental health rather than the extremely lax gun laws, etc.

  • Follow Jesus
    Follow Jesus

    Jesus Loves Yall And Is The Way To Everlasting Life Leviticus 18:22

  • Snavels

    Ok, Almost all you do now is talk about FNAF. What's one more video?

    • SpicyWOLF

      Not really but ok

  • Liaka2

    I support everyone no matter who you are or who you support or what ever your race, gender, or sexuality may be. I may not agree with your beliefs but Ill support them. Ill support your decisions. I wont hate you for it unless you arent a good person. If you dont support Scott, Ill support you because thats your decision. But thats just me, and i have seen people hating on others for their beliefs. Its wrong to do that.

    • hat n dog
      hat n dog

      This is a great view to have

  • The Diaz
    The Diaz

    *laughs in chilean politics... And then starts crying in chilean politics*

  • Aaron Watanabe
    Aaron Watanabe

    Connection terminated. I’m sorry to interrupt you, readers, if you even remember this man. But I’m afraid you’ve been disappointed. You are not here to receive a game, nor have you been brought here by a response you assume, although, you have indeed been brought. You have all been brought here, into a controversy of anger or grief, misinterpretation, and misfortune. An argument with no response, a story with no happy ending. You realize that he is gone. Your hope for return has driven you in endless optimism, chasing the opportunities of happiness in some seen controversy, always seeming so near, yet somehow out of reach, but he will never return. None of us will. This is where his story ends. And to you, a great supporter, who found this grief intended for all, although there is a way to get over this loss, I have a feeling that’s not what you want. I have a feeling you aren’t where you want to be. I am grieving as well. I am nearby. This place will be remembered, and the memory of everything that started this is starting to grow stronger. As the agony of any tragedy should. And to you fans trapped in this grief, be still and don’t forget him. He is important to you. For all of you, I believe there is peace and perhaps a new game developer. Scott Cawthon, if you can hear me, I hope you would return as well. It’s in your nature to make us happy. I’m sorry on that one day, the day you were despised and left to retire, none of us were able to lift you up into their arms the same way you lifted us into yours, and then, what happened to you. I should have known you weren’t content to retire, not you, Scott. We couldn’t save you then, and we can’t save you now. It’s time to retire - for you, and for those you carried in your arms. This ends for all of us. End communication.

  • Bruh moments inc.
    Bruh moments inc.

    I feel really bad for Mat and Scott man :'(

  • The Game Thinkers
    The Game Thinkers

    I think we need to talk about Halo 3

  • Goot 78
    Goot 78

    Scott just made me like fnaf even more.

  • charlie

    thanks for supporting the lgbtq community, dude. We all appreciate it

  • Mekko Entertainment
    Mekko Entertainment

    Wait didn't this happen a year ago????????? Edit: my god it did why is it happening again?????

  • Dylan Moore
    Dylan Moore

    from makeing fun of the game to years later theorizing

  • CallMeSpiderMan

    i just want to play fnaf...

  • The RPG Maker Audit
    The RPG Maker Audit

    Can't we all just respect each others beliefs.

    • The RPG Maker Audit
      The RPG Maker Audit

      @Ω I agree that certain extreme opinions should not be respected, but attacking someone for donating to someone you don't like is unacceptable.

    • Ω

      Depends. Is the belief "gay men should be culled"? Then probably not. Extrapolate from there.

  • Mysha Khan
    Mysha Khan

    thank you so much for this

  • Tyler Roach
    Tyler Roach

    Matpat is rich so I guess rich people eat Diet Coke for breakfast

  • Tricky’s animations
    Tricky’s animations


  • Slapping Salmon
    Slapping Salmon

    10:59 And a republican could say the same about a democrat content maker and round and round we go. I get people being upset here though. Fnaf has long been a community for LGBTQ to really feel a sense of just To find out the creator of the content they love is actively donating to those people who are actively trying to supress their rights while claiming to be supportive of them has got to be a true act of betrayal.

  • Moon

    As an lgbtq+ kid who grew up on this series, who met one of my first friends and one of my first crushes through our mutual love of the series, its like a knife to the back from him. He was someone I looked up to him for years and loved his creations since I was seven years old. Its horrible to know that he was supporting people who viewed me as subhuman. Its already hard dealing with my identity in a world where people hate me just for loving someone of my gender. I want to believe that he is someone who would like to protect me, and people like me, but.. Its hard. So many creators I once admired have turned out awful, and the fact that he is under fire for something also just blinded me. He doesnt deserve death threats or violence by any means. It does hurt though because I recently considered him one of the last few creators I could trust. Its just.. a lot.

  • Excuse My Weeb Rudeness
    Excuse My Weeb Rudeness

    Just get over it. Who he supports politically has nothing to do with his games-which is supposed to be what makes them feel included (Which he is not responsible.) This feels like people being mad at Lil Nas X because he's not pandering his music/videos to children just because they like one of his earlier hits.

    • Owen Darrah
      Owen Darrah

      Seriously, this. Scott never even explicitly catered it to LGBT people. They just adapted it because of its versatility in Furry and shipping circles I’d guess.

  • Vojeds

    Scott did nothing wrong

    • SpicyWOLF


  • Not_a_meme No
    Not_a_meme No

    Theory :the guy you hear on the phone could probably be purple guy because if u look at this image he’s holding this item it looks like a banana or some sort it might be a phone and you might be wondering but his voice is different but they put voice changers in the suits they put kids in.

  • Sweaty spaghetti
    Sweaty spaghetti

    God dame, I cannot believe that after all this time it is at its end, after all the animation, and all the funny episodes of people playing and markaplier being the “king of five nights at Freddy’s”. Honestly I am kind of emotional about this, so thank you matpat for making all this blurry news clear to me.

  • The game Human 3.0
    The game Human 3.0

    I wish Twitter didn't exist

  • Mindningt wolfs
    Mindningt wolfs

    Matt, I have a theory on the Security Breach nightguard. So my theory is that the nightguard is Ms. Afton, The reason is bc the fact see looks kind of like Elizbeth Afton. 1. They have the same eye color, 2. The nightguard has blond hair, And Elizbeth has orange hair that's kind of similar to the color yellow. That's all I could come up with at the moment.

  • Krystle D
    Krystle D

    Matt, thank you for existing on the internet. I'm so grateful you share your thoughts.

  • Daniel Hoover
    Daniel Hoover

    this is a true passing of the torch an end o an ea if you will

    • Daniel Hoover
      Daniel Hoover

      i ment era

  • Fluffy Chops
    Fluffy Chops

    only thing we should now be more thinking about is about the game, This has happend in the game world were a ceo or the game dictator left etc etc and what did we get when it came out or just the future titles that they were not as good as the last or just rubbish so him stepping down is a big risk the games will fail do you really think big AAA companys are going to go hide things and go about making even more bigger lore this security breach most likely be the last good fnaf and from there cash cows might start to show and no dout about it a mobie game to milk you for that cash but hey if the rights haven't been passed down then all that i said will not happy but still last fnaf game then if his stepping down.

  • Lιϙυιԃ Jαყ
    Lιϙυιԃ Jαყ

    Who the hell disliked the video

  • John Barnes
    John Barnes

    I'm not surprised, he made pro Christian games in the past, I figured he was a hater this just confirms it.

    • Hank Hell
      Hank Hell


  • Dalton Bradley
    Dalton Bradley

    Five nights at Freddy's is the worst do a theory on walten files

  • Kedon Braden
    Kedon Braden

    Fnaf would go so far and would be so great if Matpat was the new person to run fnaf Scott should rlly put matpat in charge

  • MeloBravo17

    So basically this whole entire thing against scott is a bunch of confirmation bias, as from whats shown here, he simply had his own belief which is that there should be good foreign policy, yet he's being attacked for it. Also from what i know, though scotts donations seem like a lot, in reality they're very small compared to what politicians likely get from bigger companys and people. Its simply rumors turning to libel, and cancer culture finally finding a way to take someone down so they seem more powerful #IStandByScott

    • MeloBravo17

      Also if you think about it, there are three crimes people are committing attacking scott.1 Verbal assault, as he's being threatened by people that he and or his family will be attacked and killed. 2 Libel/Slander, as though at first it may not seem like it, this is what the confirmation bias has started becoming

    • MeloBravo17

      The worlds slowly getting more sensitive, and turning into a 1 minded hivemind. Also his opinion on this is perfectly valid, as yes, the us has its enemies, but what if WW3 breaks out and we dont have a good military to defend ourselfs? Boom. The us is taken over by some foreign power, and rights are removed from us

  • Jessica Coronel
    Jessica Coronel

    I hope u own fnaf it would be cool ngl

  • Void And Cold
    Void And Cold

    Those headlines are so misleading lmao. They weren't going to stop trans women from playing sports, they were going to stop them from playing sports with women (adult human females) Stop saying LGBT when you really only care about the T

  • KingEntity

    this video was very well put! I completely agree with you I also believe in fact everyone should be able to have their own opinion regardless of what it may be...